Organics processing & composting

In the heart of the Hunter Valley, Loop Organics has a purpose built compost facility at Ravensworth, specifically designed to develop rehab ready organics via processing of organics including food organics, green waste, biosolids, grease trap and paper crumble.

The compost facility has a current licence capacity of 55,000 T/ pa, and existing infrastructure to enable 100,000 T/pa as demand rises.  Loop Organics’ compost facility supply chain is not just limited to Newcastle and Central Coast, but also extends into the Sydney organic markets.  Through our network of contracts and aggregation infrastructure, Loop Organics has the ability to guarantee supply of clean organic materials either direct to farms and mine sites or through the compost facility.

Loop Organics core business is producing beneficial bulk products from clean organic waste streams.  Organics typically sourced are from water authorities, food and beverage manufacturers / suppliers, cardboard recycling and councils. These raw materials are often supplied direct to mines and farms located in the Hunter Valley, and or composted with other raw materials to make a high grade, low odour compost.

All compost made through the facility undergoes QA/QC processes.  This quality control starts off onsite at the supplier of the raw materials.  Raw material selection requires all materials to be characterised and meet minimum quality control standards before being received at the facility.  Materials that fail to meet these standards are not accepted at the facility.  Clean organics are then received, processed and blended at optimal C:N blending ratios.  Management of windrows is driven by moisture and oxygen monitoring, thereby ensuring that aerobic composting is achieved.  Materials are then stockpiled for 3 months to complete the maturation process.  Prior to product dispatch all composted materials are tested to validate the quality of the product to be supplied.

Loop Organics prides itself in being able to deliver a quality compost material with the ability to target mine specific rehabilitation requirements.

One of the current composted materials “Biomix™” is a blend of nutrient rich materials with a stable source of carbon and high calcium content.  The end result is a low-cost compost material which can be applied direct to land or mixed with onsite mulch to create a manufactured topsoil.

What is Biomix™?

Biomix™ is a unique combination of biosolids and organic waste products which have been composted at our Licensed facility in Ravensworth to create a stabilised, low odour soil amendment product suitable for mine site rehabilitation.

Using the NSW EPA Biosolids Resource Recovery Exemption, Biomix can be land applied.

What are the Benefits?

Total Organic Carbon combined with Nitrogen are the primary beneficial components of the Biomix. By increasing soil carbon and soil health, Biomix has positive impacts on water holding capacity and soil structure. The Biomix can also act as a source of nutrients and micronutrients and is mildly alkaline which can increase the pH of acidic soils and enhance the availability of some nutrients. Research by the NSW DPI has shown that composted soil conditioners are beneficial for establishing pasture cover crops and deep rooted perennial plants, particularly in areas denuded of topsoil (Wong et al., 2005 and Dorahy et al., 2006)

Quality Controls.

Ingredients delivered to site are formed into open windrows and undergo aerobic composting. The carbon to nitrogen ratio, moisture, temperature and oxygen levels of the blend are carefully controlled to create optimal conditions for the aerobic bacteria. The final product is:

  • Low odour
  • No E. coli or salmonella detected
  • Equivalent to Contaminant Grade B biosolids

Biomix™ Land Application.

Biomix can be surface applied directly to land using bulk fertiliser spreaders.

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