Solutions for Water Utilities and Councils

For water and wastewater utilities, treatment plants and councils Loop Organics provides services including:

Loop Organics accept and process:

  • Liquid Food Waste
  • Solid Food Waste
  • Greenwaste or GO
  • Natural Organic Fibrous Material
  • Grease trap waste
  • Paper Crumble
  • Biosolids

Transport can be arranged.

The key staff of Loop Organics have a combined industry experience of over 60 years, including the establishment of some of the largest biosolids reuse programs in Australia and consulting to water authorities and councils across Australia since 1994. We are a trusted industry partner with clients including Barwon Water, Coliban Water and Central Highlands Water.

Through Loop Organics experience in the development and review of biosolids guidelines for various state regulators, we have developed, and are committed to maintaining, a strong working relationship with regulators. It is this combination of technical understanding and practical experience in delivering biosolids reuse that enables the company to deliver proven and sustainable solutions as biosolids managers.

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