Lagoon Desludging

Loop Organics offers a range of solutions for desludging wastewater treatment lagoons. The solution to each dewatering project is generally different and dependent on a number of factors including the area available site establishment, time requirements and the size of wastewater treatment lagoon to be dewatered.

Loop Organics offers solutions to any desludging situation using technology including dewatering by Geotextile bags, centrifuge or air drying.

Geotextile Bags

Geotextile bags containers are constructed of high strength, permeable, engineered textiles which are capable of containing and dewatering sludge with a high moisture content. Sludge is pumped into the containers by a dredge and associated equipment. The clear water is then able to freely flow out of the bags, leaving the solid sludge, which can be safely contained until later transport.



Dewatering by centrifuge is generally suitable to sites which do not have space available to perform dewatering by other means. The centrifuge process involves setting up centrifuge and associated equipment including poly dosing unit, pontoon submersible feed pump and mixer, flow meter, cake conveyor and pipe work. Dewatered cake can be stockpiled for further processing prior to transport or loaded straight into trucks.

Air drying in-situ

In some situations it is simplest and most cost effective to remove excess water from treatment lagoons and air dry the remaining sludge in-situ. Manually turning sludge in-situ or in an adjacent area allows air drying and removal of moisture content to a target solids content which allows for easy handling, transport and land application of biosolids.